Thyme Substitute

Thyme is a herb that is mainly used for cooking as a seasoning, as well as a condiment and it also used in pickling. Thyme can be found in fragrances and can be used for cosmetics and medicinal uses. It has a minty flavor which complements all kinds of foods like fish, meat and vegetables. These tiny, greenish-gray leaves are dried, chopped crumbled or ground. It is a herb that is mostly used in European food and French cuisine. A thyme substitute can be used when you do not have the thyme leaves.
Small, tender leaves are used as seasoning for cooking and flavoring agent for different recipes. The minty flavor of thyme goes well with almost all types of recipes. A mild flavor is imparted, so as the true flavor of the food is not masked. It also does go well with other spices and herbs and brings out the best taste in each. Thyme can be used in various forms such as ground, fresh leaves and dried leaves. Ground thyme is mostly sprinkled on sauces, soups, and bakes dishes together with other herbs. Recipes with fresh leaves in them have a unique aroma. On the other hand, if you want to avail the advantages of thyme all year round you can use dried leaves. Thyme is used as a seasoning for foods like vegetable stew and soups, lamb, poultry, pork, fish and other types of meat. French seafood is incomplete without thyme leaves. You can as well use a thyme substitute instead.

Obtaining a Thyme Substitute

You can obtain thyme substitutes from the grocery stores or supermarket. In cases where you run out of your thyme or have some health problems, there might be a need for thyme substitution. Substituting thyme is not as straightforward as it seems, since none of other the other herbs and spices blend well with the distinct flavor of thyme. Nevertheless, there are specific recipes that can taste well with thyme substitute or without thyme. Some herbs can be substitutes for thyme, but this will only depend on the demands of the recipes.

Italian Thyme Substitute

Italian seasoning is one of the perfect choice that can be used a thyme substitute as it contains thyme. If you have it as one of your spices in your spice rack, then an Italian seasoning would work in your recipe. Many Italian seasonings complement well with thyme herb.
Rosemary can as well be used as a thyme substitute. However, this herb only does it work well with pork and lamb recipes, which does call for the use of thyme. In times when you are preparing your pork or lamb and find that you are out of thyme, then rosemary would be the ideal herb you can use. A blend of rosemary and oregano can be perfect for potato recipes.
Parsley and marjoram are also used as thyme substitutes. Note that, parsley has a mild flavor. Neither does it add good or bad taste and flavor to thyme recipes, but it will give your recipe some greenish color. However, if you are unable to get a perfect thyme substitute , it is good to skip it.