Cooking with Thyme Substitute

In the European continent, Thyme substitute is a popular herb that is mostly used in food preparation. The French people for instance are a classical example of Europeans who will, in most cases, not do food without this significant ingredient especially when it is seafood recipes in question. Fundamentally, the herb is used to serve the purpose of seasoning during food preparation. Thyme has this important component; the odor, which complements varieties of foods, be they meats, fishes, vegetables just to name but a few. Thyme too has been proven to blend well with other types of herbs.

The Thyme Substitute

Thyme is easily obtainable from grocery stores and supermarkets. Even so, a consumer may have the urge to have a thyme substitute . This may be due to a number of reasons. For instance one could exhaust the existing thyme stock or due to matters of health they may not be in a good position to consume it. This is when thyme substitutes will raise to the occasion and provide that badly needed quality experience. The substitutes, like thyme, are too available in grocery stores and supermarkets. Although thyme substitutes may not offer the consumer the same experience as their odors and distinct flavor is different, but they are relatively good. However the choice will be made by the consumers depending on their taste and preference factors. These substitutes include:
Tarragon is known to be the mildest substitute among the plethora of thyme substitutes. For recipes that are chicken or fish centered good results are guaranteed. This is a good venture worth trying for the chicken and fish lovers
Basil and Oregano
Oregano and basil posses a strong flavor and give a highly differentiable flavor and taste to the food recipes in which they are ingredients to. Oregano and basil are known to work well for thyme recipes that are tomato-centered. The single reason for this is that the tomatoes can withhold their aromas. Examples of dishes where thyme can be substituted by these two include: Pasta, meatballs and meatloaf among others.
It is not only Tarragon that is mild in flavor among the thyme substitute family but also Parsley. Parsley can be described as being moderate in taste with no noted extremes. That reason single-handedly qualifies it to be used in recipes where interfering with the taste is a key concern. It, however, has been blamed for not leaving food with the attractive green color unlike the other substitutes. Marjoram herb and Parsley are known to blend well.

Rosemary is also another good substitute to thyme. Rosemary has passed the blending test since it works well when used alongside Oregano herb in some specific potato recipes. Rosemary also works well with recipes of pork and lamb.
Italian Seasoning
Italian seasoning is an herb that has one of its components as thyme. For the undecided shopper of a thyme substitute the Italian Seasoning is the perfect item for purchase, as it most likely will go well with majority of recipes, owing to the fact that it contains thyme in it. The herb is the best bet for a thyme substitute.